About Us

The Boston Library Consortium [BLC] was founded in 1970 with a focus on resource sharing.  Today the BLC includes academic and research libraries in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  And, while we remain focused on providing high quality and cost effective sharing of print, digital and electronic content across the member libraries, the BLC also provides a forum for a broad range of communities of members and acts as an incubator for projects and initiatives important to academic and research libraries in the 21st century.  Full Members of the BLC are expected to participate in resource sharing and make their collections available to the other BLC Full member libraries.  Both Full and Affiliate Members are able to take advantage of the other services and programs offered by the BLC.

The BLC serves its member libraries through Communities of Interest, offers opportunities for professional development and training, supports a digitization program for the libraries, works with the libraries to support free and open access to scholarly materials and engages in advocacy around issues of importance to the academic and research library world.

The students, faculty and reseachers at BLC Full Member libraries are provided with opportunities to borrow materials from the other Full Member libraries as well as to access the onsite resources and services of these libraries.  The BLC Consortium Card facilitates this access.

For further information on membership options, please contact the Executive Director.