Access Services

The BLC Access Services Community of Interest is a learning community for all issues related to Access Services and serves as a mechanism for members to network, share information and learn from each other about issues related to Access Services. It is a place for sharing ideas and best practices on topics such as circulation policies, course reserves, copyright and fair use, management of physical library collections, managing student employees, future trends in collections access, customer service, and automation in access services. We recognize that Access Services is defined differently at different institutions and that other BLC COIs provide options for more specific networking and learning in areas that are related to access services (e.g. Resource Sharing,  Alma, etc.)


Membership is open to anyone working in a unit traditionally associated with Access Services at a BLC member library.


The group will meet at BLC Networking Day and in-person meetings (with a virtual meeting option) at least twice per year to discuss matters of professional interest to the participants. In person meetings will be supplemented with regular electronic communication.