The Chemistry Community of Interest [COI] provides a discussion and meeting forum for librarians engaged in serving the needs of the various chemistry communities within the Boston Library Consortium.  Issues of collection development, reference and instruction all fall under this umbrella, and users served range from undergraduate through senior faculty.  Much of the discussion takes place over the listserv, but twice-yearly meetings are standard.  Meeting agendas are formulated by group email discussion, and typically consist of a variety of discussion topics.  It is also not usual for chemical information vendor representatives to be invited to present to the group.  A continuing and significant focus for many members of the group is the maintenance of the Memorandum of Understanding for the “BLC Collaborative Management of Archival Science Indexes & Abstracts and Chemistry Journals (Print Format) March 1, 2007 – December 31, 2019” which establishes collaborative management of the print format of archival science indexes & abstracts and chemistry journals for the purpose of maximizing information resources while releasing shelf space for all participants. Details of the terms and conditions of this MOU are available here.


Membership is open to any librarian with an interest in the special needs of collecting and providing access to chemical information in all its forms.


Meetings are typically held twice annually and are posted on the BLC website.