Continuing Resources and Metadata Management

The Continuing Resources and Metadata Management Community of Interest [COI] is a forum for BLC member library staff, who are involved in the day-to-day and lifecycle management of library resources across all formats, to share their expertise and to discuss relevant library issues.   Two goals of this community are: to provide an open, educationally minded platform for members to discuss issues, and to provide professional support in developing more efficient and well informed methods for meeting the challenges we face in our positions. The COI is open to taking on other challenges as may be of assistance to the BLC.  A version of this group has been meeting continuously since the BLC Union List of Serials Committee was founded almost 30 years ago. 

Areas of interest which are regularly discussed include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Resource licensing
  • Cataloging and metadata management
  • Print and electronic resources access management
  • Workflows
  • Supporting access and discovery tools and systems
  • Responding to the changing landscapes of our field
  • Understanding past, present and future practices and standards
  • Retrospective projects.


Anyone whose work and/or interest concerns are in the above areas is welcome to join the COI.


Meetings are held three times a year.