Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The BLC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion COI supports and develops programming for efforts that create inclusive and diverse library workplaces and services.  The COI identifies EDI educational programming for the BLC, discusses topics such as recruitment and retention, and provides networking opportunities and a space for underrepresented communities to caucus. 

Underrepresented groups include: staff of color, LGBTQ staff, staff with disabilities, and any intersections of these groups, as well as other groups that have lacked equity and inclusion in libraries.  


Membership is open to all BLC staff, with particular attention to those from underrepresented groups and their allies. An ally is someone who is not a member of an underrepresented group but who takes action to support underrepresented groups.


The group meets at BLC Networking Day and in-person meetings (with a virtual meeting option) at least twice per year to discuss matters of professional interest to the participants. In-person meetings will be supplemented with regular electronic communication.