Government Documents

The Government Documents Community of Interest is focused on issues relating to providing government information for research.  Eleven of the 19 BLC libraries are members of the Federal Depository Library Program, providing government information for research.  All are selective libraries collecting print and electronic resources that meet the information needs of their community.  The government document materials in the libraries are available to the public, even if the library itself is a private institution.  The Government Documents COI meets as a networking group to discuss issues of importance to government document librarians.


The Government Documents COI is open to any librarian providing access to or interested in government information for research.


Meetings are held occasionally and usually in conjunction with the BLC Networking Day.  Other meetings are posted on the BLC website.

Government Document Access at BLC Libraries

The eleven BLC libraries that are part of the Federal Library Depository Program maintain resource guides providing details of access to their collections.  These collections are open to members of the BLC library community and, in many cases, to the public at large.