Heads of Resource Sharing

Recognizing the centrality of resource sharing to consortial operations, the BLC Board of Directors approved the establishment of a Heads of Resource Sharing (HRS) Committee responsible for making  recommendations to the BLC Board  to enhance resource sharing services among the member  libraries.  

The HRS Committee operates in parallel with the Heads of Resource Management (HRM) Committee and is not intended to replace the Resource Sharing Community of Interest (COI), though overlapping membership is anticipated. The HRS Committee is expected to engage and collaborate with the HRM Committee, the Resource Sharing COI, and other BLC Communities regularly. 

The HRS Committee provides oversight of the BLC’s inter-library loan service and makes  recommendations to the BLC Board of Directors to enhance resource sharing services among the member libraries. 


Members of the HRS Committee are appointed by the BLC Board of Directors based on their expertise  and their role as ‘head’ of resource sharing within their institution. In accordance with the BLC’s bylaws  and membership requirements, all full member libraries are expected to have a representative on all Committees and each representative is expected to gather input on behalf of all relevant divisions,  branches, autonomous libraries, etc., and speak for their institution. The BLC Executive Director will be  an ex-officio member of the Committee. The HRS Committee will be chaired by two Co-Chairs, selected  by the collective membership of the Committee, who rotate at regular intervals with staggered terms. The  Co-Chairs have overall responsibility for ensuring that minutes, policies, agreements, and other  information needed by the BLC membership as well as by other BLC Communities is maintained,  accurate and accessible. 


The HRS Committee is expected to meet regularly, up to six times per year, including at least one joint  meeting of the HRS and HRM Committees. 

Reporting to the BLC Board of Directors: 

The HRS Committee will provide an annual report to the BLC Board of Directors. One member of the  BLC Board of Directors will serve as board liaison to the HRS Committee.