Streaming Media

The BLC Streaming Media Community of Interest (COI) evaluates the landscape of external streaming media providers and recommends the appropriate mix of hosted and cloud-based streaming content and delivery solutions for both commercial and locally produced media.  The group explores avenues for providing content, as well as reviewing institutions’ practices in the BLC and beyond to ensure we develop a sustainable model for streaming media. One of othe COI's goals is to investigate projects and initiatives that may lead to staffing efficiencies and/or cost reductions. 

The COI expects to:

  1. Create a report with recommended solutions including content, tools/platforms, acquisition/licensing models, accessibility requirements, etc.
  2. Summarize how course management systems deliver media (such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, etc.)
  3. Obtain consortial vendor discounts
  4. Work with vendors to help improve their products
  5. Host/co-hosting streaming media days to meet with vendors/see new products
  6. Explore recommendations for collaborating with NJ Vid and meet with them (both in-person and webinar were discussed)
  7. Explore collaborations with Kaltura and meet with them (local rep.)
  8. Seek grant-funding opportunities
  9. Serve as a resource for BLC and beyond
  10. Keep ahead of the technologies by exploring trends, sharing information testing and recommending
  11. Solve licensing workflow issues/alerts
  12. Create a BLC media/ streaming media collection development policy
  13. Stay abreast of copyright issues and discuss relevant issues.


Membership is open to all BLC librarians interested in and responsible for streaming media or related topics.


The COI meets occasionally throughout the year.

For more information on a recent project involving three of the member libraries in a collection analysis to identify rare and unique audio visual materials that may be at risk, please see the BLC at risk media project page.