Consortium Card

The Consortium Card extends direct borrowing privileges at Full Members of the Consortium to faculty and graduate students from participating academic institutions.  State employees with a State Library of Massachusetts library card who are not affiliated with academic or private sector institutions and undergraduate students from participating academic institutions may apply for Consortium Cards when they can demonstrate a specific scholarly research need.  Requests for information on the Consortium Card should be made to information desk or reference staff at the home library.

Program Qualifications and Details

  • The Consortium Card is an identification card; card holders must register at each member library visited. Procedures vary among libraries ranging from pro-forma registration to a screening interview to assess needs.
  • The Consortium Card does not automatically confer borrowing privileges throughout the Consortium; holders should check this User Guide carefully for each library’s registration and borrowing regulations.
  • The Consortium Card is a privilege and card holders must observe each host library's circulation policies, including payment of charges for overdue and unreturned materials.  Per standard research library policy, the patron's home library may be notified of overdue or unreturned material by the loaning library and is liable for any fees assessed per the replacement policy of the loaning library.  The patron's home library may then assess fees to the patron and/or rescind borrowing privileges from the patron in accordance with its own regulations.  
  • Card holders must validate their cards at intervals beginning in the fall as determined by the home library. Report lost cards to the home library as soon as possible.
  • You may return borrowed materials to any library listed in this guide but you will be responsible for any overdue charges.

Accessing Government Documents at BLC Libraries

Eleven of the BLC member libraries participate in the Federal Depository Library Program providing access to government documents and related information to the public. Details on accessing these collections is available here.