The Boston Library Consortium [BLC] is a 501(c) (3) corporation governed by its Board of Directors.  Each member library of the BLC is represented on the Board by the chief librarian of its principle library.  The BLC Board meets quarterly, typically in June, September, December and March. 


The officers of the BLC Board are:

  • President
  • Vice President/President Elect
  • Past-President
  • Treasurer.

With the exception of the Treasurer, who is elected for a two-year term, all other officers serve a one-year term. Current officers are listed on the Board of Directors  page.

Management Council

The BLC Management Council functions as its executive committee, with responsibility for management of the current business of the BLC as well as other duties delegated from the Board. 

Management Council incudes the following members:

  • Board President
  • Board Vice President/President Elect
  • Board Past-President
  • Board Treasurer
  • Two Members-at-Large elected by the full Board.

Current Management Council members are listed on the Board of Directors page.

Board Committees

The BLC Finance Committee, appointed by the Board, provides oversight of the financial and fiduciary responsibilities of the BLC.  The Committee includes the Treasurer, two members-at-large from the Board and one outside representative.  The BLC Executive Director serves in an ex officio capacity.

Other Board Committees may be appointed by the BLC Board of Directors as needed.


Much of the work of the BLC is done in a number of diverse communities.  These communities offer opportunities for staff at member libraries to network, to collaborate on initiatives of joint interest, and to join together for training, professional development and programming on topics of interest and importance to academic and research libraries.


Further information on the governance of the BLC may be found in the bylaws.