Boston College

The Boston College Libraries lead and support the Boston College community in achieving distinction in research, learning, and teaching. As expert guides to the intellectual record and as stewards of scholarly information, the Libraries promote the University’s mission by:

  • providing access to the highest quality scholarly/information resources and services whenever and wherever the user needs them;

  • providing leadership and expertise to faculty and students in the creation and dissemination of scholarship in digital format;

  • improving the physical and virtual environment in order to support user self-sufficiency and productivity;

  • developing an organization that facilitates operational flexibility and fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement;

  • creating Value Beyond Discovery.

Boston College is represented on the Boston Library Consortium Board by its University Librarian.

For the Boston College Community

If you are a member of the BC community and are interested in using the resources of other BLC member libraries, contact the reference or information desk at the O’Neill library and ask for information about obtaining a Consortium Card.    

If you are a librarian at BC interested in learning more about the BLC and how to participate, please send an e-mail to

Using the Boston College Libraries

If you are a student, faculty member or researcher affiliated with another Boston Library Consortium member library interested in accessing a BC library, please contact the reference or information desk at your local library and ask for information about obtaining a Consortium Card.