ASERL Webinar: Why Did I Leave the Profession? --The DEI Perspective

Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Join us for an eye opening discussions as 3 former librarians discuss why they left the profession. Co-moderated by Twanna Hodge (DEI Librarian, University of Florida) we will ask the panelists: Why did you decide to become a librarian? How were you recruited? Describe your experience working in libraries? How long did you stay in the profession? Why did you leave? What did you like about being a librarian? What was frustrating? What advice would you provide DEI and other committees who are designing recruitment/retention programs? After our questions, we will open it up to the audience for a lively discussion.

Ira Revels is the Owner and Principal of Ira Revels Consulting, LLC a Connecticut-based management consulting company. Ira has nearly 20 years operating in fast-paced, high-performance organizations and teams. Her professional background includes Strategic Management Consulting, Educational Technology, Fundraising, Training, and Facilitation. Michael Eric Owens is President of M.E.O. Consulting. He is a distinguished scholar, writer, and speaker. Michael is also the founder of and serves as the Executive Director of the Ralph Ellison Foundation. He is the host of the One Mic, One Voice show, which has an international listening audience. Rinata White is a Student Music Therapist, Teacher and Former Librarian.

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This webinar is offered to all library workers at BLC member libraries as part of the pilot Professional Development Alliance. To learn more about the Alliance, and to see all available webinars, please visit the Professional Development Alliance Pilot Project page.