The BLC Congratulates the Recipients of the 2014 NETSL Award for Excellence in Technical Services

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2014 NETSL Award for Excellence in Technical Services! 

The 2014 Award went to:

Amira Aaron, Associate Dean, Scholarly Resources, Northeastern University, Boston, MA


Diane Baden, Head, Monographic Services, O’Neill Library, Boston College, Boston, MA.


Amira Aaron 

In addition to dedicating her professional life to the cause of effective automation in the immediate service of technical services, Amira has most recently made a profound and formative contribution in the wider service of libraries and, most importantly, their users, by seeking to ensure that the content we go to such lengths to obtain on their behalf is fully searchable and discoverable as possible.

Over the past several years, Amira has become an outspoken proponent for the “freeing” of content metadata from the competitiveness of the data providers who are also discovery platform providers. Amira’s belief that the metadata needed to effectively utilize discovery platforms to deliver ALL of the content we purchase on behalf of our users must be shared equally with all discovery platforms. This sharing is necessary for us to realize the full value of the content for which we pay so much money, enabling us to provide more comprehensive and efficient delivery of content to our users.


Diane Baden 

Diane has been at Boston College since 2005, during which time she has managed dramatic changes in the organization, workflow, and processing of physical materials. One of her many significant achievements was her leadership during the formation of the Theology and Ministry Library, merging the bibliographic records from three separate libraries, as well as converting one of those collections from Lynn Peterson to LC Classification. Diane successfully oversaw this process, and also managed the vendors hired to assist. Hired at BC as Head of Cataloging, Diane fearlessly volunteered to assume responsibility for acquisitions and financial management of the materials budget during a major re-organizational effort in 2008, which resulted in her new title as Head of Monographic Services.

In addition, Diane has worked as a key member of the Boston College Project Team, which worked as a Development Partner with Ex Libris to design and test the Alma system. She was a leading member of the internal Alma Implementation team, helping to troubleshoot and fine-tune the system as Boston College became the first organization worldwide to implement Alma in 2012.


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