BLC Webinar: Collaboration, Learning Design, and Student Engagement in Hybrid and Online Courses

Friday, November 6, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Changes in how instruction is delivered may lead Librarians who do reference and instruction to reflect on their role. The field of Learning Design both identifies the pain points of the learning process and offers conceptual tools Librarians can use to make that process more effective, individually or in collaboration with other instructors, regardless of the teaching modality. Using common Librarian tasks, this webinar will demonstrate scenarios of how to collaborate with an Instructional Designer and use Learning Design to both engage students and produce targeted outcomes that help students perform well in their courses.

By the end of the workshop, audience members will be able to describe techniques and concepts that create effective learning and will be able to collaborate with Learning Designers or other librarians to adapt their instruction and instructional support to the changing environment of online learning and the hybrid classroom.

John McCormick, Associate Director of Learning Design, Brandeis University

Peter Shea, Professional Development Director and Learning Designer, Middlesex Community College

Viral Amin, Reference Librarian for Electronic Resources, Bentley University Library