Open Educational Resources​ and Current Open Textbook Network Initiatives Webinar

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

The BLC is pleased to announce our new webinar "Open Educational Resources​ and Current Open Textbook Network Initiatives" with UMass Amherst's Digital Project Manager, Jeremy Smith. The webinar took place on Tuesday, October 17th, from 11AM-12PM. 

In this webinar: Jeremy Smith discussed the 2017 Open ​Textbook ​Network (OTN)​ Summer Institute and Summit which he attended in August of 2017, representing the BLC. He discussed recent OTN initiatives, such as their Publishing Cooperative, the creation of new open educational resources, and the development of an open textbook authoring platform. He also shared recent OTN news and discuss how libraries are collaborating with the OTN to create resources for use with local OER initiatives across the BLC.

We recorded the presentation and archived it on the BLC website in the "Member Events" section.


Photo: OER Global Logo by Jonathas Mello is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 License