Participatory, Inclusive, and Anti-Oppressive Facilitation in Action: An Interactive Workshop

Friday, August 13, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

The ways that meetings are run and decisions are made in organizations are inextricably tied to privilege, power, and inclusion/exclusion. This active session will begin with facilitators leading participants through a reflective exercise to identify and name areas of personal privilege. Facilitators will then guide participants in connecting power dynamics to group behaviors that typically play out during conventional meetings and decision-making processes.

Participants will leave the session with multiple practical takeaways— guidelines, strategies, and resources—for participatory processes that move meetings and decision-making forward while leaving emotional and intellectual space for us to bring our best work to our organizations. Participants will end the session by crafting a short commitment statement for identifying changes to make in their own library contexts, regardless of their role in participating in, or facilitating, meetings and decisions.


Elizabeth Galoozis, Head of Information Literacy, University of Southern California

Nicole Brown, Head, Instruction Services Division, University of California, Berkeley