SCELC Webinar: Transcending Meatspace: Virtual Reality Library Events via Mozilla Hubs

Monday, October 19, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Meatspace: the corporeal opposite of cyberspace. In pre-COVID times, our libraries were champions of building rich, collaborative programming in meatspace. But this far into our post-COVID reality, we’ve all developed an intimate awareness of the limitations of Zoom, et al. and the kinds of programming that fits (or doesn’t fit) into a web-meeting model of video feeds and flat screen shares.

Two SCELC Member libraries experimented together to transcend meatspace by implementing virtual reality spaces powered by Mozilla Hubs.

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University of the Pacific held their computer science capstone project showcase in Mozilla Hubs. Held in virtual rooms, students presented their project and discussed their learning outcomes from their semester. Faculty, teachers, alumni, and visitors had the opportunity to talk and learn about current Pacific students CS projects.

The University of La Verne Library hosted its annual Faculty Book Day, Faculty Research Day, Student Research Day and Mini Maker Fair virtually using Mozilla Hubs. Faced with canceling these popular face-to-face events, UoP shared its experience with Hubs. Within three weeks, ULV staff created virtual rooms (even designing the outdoor space where the Maker Fair is held every year) and successfully hosted all four events.

Both will share their experiences in projecting the best aspects of presenting in meatspace into cyberspace, and how you might do the same for your libraries.

This webinar is offered to staff at BLC member libraries as part of the pilot Professional Development Alliance. To learn more about the Alliance, and to see all available webinars, please visit the Professional Development Alliance Pilot Project page.