Topic of Interest: Lesley University Faculty Research Study

The Library Assessment Workgroup for Lesley University and Episcopal Divinity School has completed a nearly two-year study of the information needs of their faculties for research and instruction.  The report is available from:

This project is a qualitative analysis of the use of the information resources and services in the research and learning process by Lesley University and Episcopal Divinity School faculty members.

The examination focuses on three areas:

-faculty research habits
-student research required by the faculty
-faculty perceptions of student research strategies and results

Through interviews and focus groups, they studied the information seeking strategies of a sample of the faculty. By developing a clear understanding of the faculty's research habits, and their perceptions and use of the library, they hope to ensure that their collections and services are aligned with the faculty's needs and also to uncover ways in which they can increase the support they offer to faculty for their own research and teaching, and for student research and learning.  

They welcome your feedback and comments about the study.