New Memo - Red Tape on Videotape: Legal issues in the preservation of VHS collections

Over the last several years, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) Media Community of Interest (COI) has led a collaborative project with Harvard Law School's Cyberlaw Clinic to provide information to libraries with deteriorating VHS collections about preservation and digitization under current copyright law.

The project resulted in the publication of 'Red Tape on Videotape: Legal Issues in the Preservation of VHS Collections'.

The BLC thanks past and current Media COI co-chairs Debra Mandel (Northeastern University), Laura Jenemann (Boston University), and Joanna Fuchs (Brandeis University) for their leadership of this project.

The memo was researched by former and current law students Ben Shiroma, Kelly King, Katie Loftus, David F. Shea, and Mayze Teitler, with support and guidance from Cyberlaw Clinic Assistant Director Jessica Fjeld as well as Kyle Courtney.

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