In keeping with our core values, the BLC is committed to fostering an organizational culture that acknowledges and works to change the systemic racism inherent in library spaces, collections, and technologies.  As an organization, we affirm that Black Lives Matter and that brutality in any form will not be tolerated.  While we take pride in the community we have fostered over our 50 year history, we recognize we need to do more to work to educate ourselves as anti-racists and to further the conversation among library staff about creating more equitable and inclusive library spaces, programs and services for all in our communities. 

In the coming weeks, as we finalize plans for the transition to a new executive director and work with the Board and COI’s on programming and consortial initiatives for the new academic year, we unequivocally commit to being an organization that actively seeks and promotes the contributions and leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color along the spectrum of their identities.  We are equally committed to participating in this conversation across the Consortium in ways that contribute to cultivating the equitable communities which we all deserve.

Susan Stearns, Executive Director and Mei Mendez, Program Officer

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