Earlier this year, three of the BLC member libraries - Boston University, Brandeis University and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst - participated in a collection analysis with OCLC Sustainable Collection Services (SCS) to assess overlap and uniquess in their audio visual collections with the goal of preserving the rare and unique materials.

The goals of the BLC at Risk Media Project are to:

  • Assess our unique and rare audiovisual (A/V) holdings, such as 16mm films, laserdiscs, and videocassettes
  • Preserve our unique and rare A/V holdings
  • Establish a policy on lending reformatted A/V items between institutions
  • Promote our program through publications, online and/or in print.

This project is based on two projects previously conducted by OCLC Sustainable Collection Services (SCS): the VIVA Last Copy Video Project, and the EAST Monograph Collection Analysis Project.

The Project Team, listed below, is currently assessing the results of the analysis, which was delivered in February of 2018.  The analysis includes 44, 597 items across the three collections consisting of:

  • 24,912 (approximately) DVDs and Blu-rays
  • 13,353 videocassettes
  • 5,488 films
  • 844 laserdiscs.

The Project Team includes:

For further information on the project, please contact Laura Jenemann at Boston University.


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