BLC Collaborates with LALI for "Active Learning with Primary Sources" Half-Day Workshop

LALI Institute

On April 26th, in the Fine Print Room at Boston College's John J. Burns Library, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) held a half-day workshop, "Active Learning with Primary Sources". The workshop was specially designed for BLC member libraries in collaboration with the Librarians Active Learning Institute (LALI). During the workshop, Laura Barrett, Director of Education and Outreach and Archivist, Peter Carini from Dartmouth College, advised on how to effectively teach students by meeting them where they are, engaging them in learning and asking them to reflect on what they've learned. They also took an in-depth look into teaching with Backward Design by creating lesson plans with the end goal(s) in mind.

Participants were then asked to "be students" in a hands-on learning activity where they worked together in groups to decipher the context behind several historical documents by analyzing and evaluating them, sharing their findings with everyone, and contextualizing the various documents through their mutual discovery. 


"The person doing the work is doing the learning." - Kristen Swanson

The presentation slides from this workshop are archived on our "Member Events" page. 

The BLC would like to thank both Peter and Laura for for taking the time to come to Boston and create a unique, condensed version of their LALI workshop for BLC members. 

Please contact Executive Director Susan Stearns or Program Coordinator Jessica Hardin if you have any questions or suggestions for future professional developement events.