BLC Collaborates with WGBH for Two-Part Webinar Series on the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Footage from the AAPB Collection

On Friday, March 2nd, the BLC held the first webinar of our two-part webinar series on the the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB). In the webinar, Casey Kaufman and Ryn Marchese of WGBH, covered AAPB's background, governance and infrastructure. They began the webinar with a wonderful video full of historic footage available in the AAPB collection. They discussed the scope, content and provenance of the AAPB collection; methods of searching, navigating, and accessing content in the AAPB; examples of the types of materials available in the AAPB collection, and the scholarly and research value of audiovisual collections and specifically public media archives. 

On Wednesday, March 21st, the second webinar of the series was led by Casey Kaufman of WGBH. Kaufman gave a general overview of how scholars and researchers are seeking to use digital AV collections, a brief recap of how AAPB provides access to its collection to researchers and the general public, and incorporating AAPB into subject-specific LibGuides. Ingrid Ockert, a PhD student at Princeton University, shared her experiences using AAPB's audiovisual collections in traditional historical research and in her academic coursework. Mark Williams, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Darmouth College, discussed examples of how AAPB metadata and transcripts can be used in digital humanities research and data mining, focusing on the AAPB's collaboration with The Media Ecology Project.

A full recording of the webinar is archived on our "Member Events" page. The speakers' slides can be found here.

The AAPB is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and the WGBH Educational Foundation to preserve at-risk public media and provide a central web portal for access to unique programming. The entire collection is available on location at the Library of Congress and WGBH, and almost 30,000 programs are available online at

The BLC would like to thank Casey, Ryn, Mark, and Ingrid for speaking in this series and thank you to Laura Jenemenn, Boston University's Communication, Media and Film Librarian, who helped to create this series.

Please contact Executive Director Susan Stearns or Program Coordinator Jessica Hardin if you have any questions about this series or to suggest future professional development events.