BLC Members in the News: UMass Amherst Acquires Daniel Ellsberg's Papers

The University of Massachusetts Amherst announced the recent acquisition of the papers of whistleblower and political activist Daniel Ellsberg. In a press release on the University's website, Dean of Libraries Simon Neame observed, "Throughout his storied career, Ellsberg has reflected the values of intellectual freedom and intellectual exploration that lie at the heart of the modern academic library. His decision to place his personal freedom at significant peril to expose what became known as the Pentagon Papers, his deep scholarship and extensive use of archives, and his steadfast support for whistleblowers and freedom of information are in the best tradition of our profession.”

The Libraries has created a brief exhibit of some of the items to be found in the extensive collection, which total nearly 600 linear feet, or over 500 boxes. Take a look at the exhibit here.