BLC Strategic Directions, Code of Conduct and Core Values

Following discussions at the June meeting of the BLC Board of Directors, the Board approved a formal Code of Conduct for the BLC.  This follows affirmation of the Core Values of the BLC, which in turn supports the BLC Strategic Directions 2019-2021 which the Board had finalized earlier in 2019.

Thanks to Simon Neame of UMass, Amherst for his leadership in FY19 as these important documents were developed and to the other members of the BLC's Management Council who assisted in their creation: Tara Fulton of UNH, current Board President; Anne Langley from UConn, Vice President/President Elect; Mary Piorun, UMass,Medical, Treasurer; and the two members-at-large - Matthew Sheehy from Brandeis and Dan Cohen from Northeastern.

Please find the final Strategic Directions, Core Values and Code of Conduct here.