BLC's Streaming Media COI Hosted "Streaming Media for All: Accessibility Guidelines and Best Practices" Event at Boston College

Gabe Stetson introducing the program

On April 27th, at Boston College's Theology and Ministry Library, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) and our Streaming Media COI held a full day event "Streaming Media for All: Accessibility Guidelines and Best Practices" from 10AM-4PM. The BLC would like to thank Debra Mandel, Gabe Stetson, Amy Howard for their efforts in putting this event together. 

Speakers, vendors and participants were welcomed by Steve Dalton, Head of the Theology and Ministry Library, and Margaret Cohen, Head Librarian of Educational Initiatives and Research Services at Boston College. Gabe Stetson, Coordinator of Digital Curriculum at UMass Amherst, and Debra Mandel, Director of Recording Studios at the Snell Library at Northeastern University, moderated the event. During the first panel, Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor at Harvard University, Carli Spina, Head Librarian of Assessment and Outreach at Boston College and Laura Quilter, Copyright and Information Policy Librarian at UMass Amherst discussed "Defining Media Accessibility, Guidelines and Legal Standards".

Four BLC member libraries presented during the "Best Media Accessibility Practices at BLC Campuses" segment. Including: “Accessibility and REACH @ NU” by Beth Rochefort, Director of Online Experiential Programs and Educational Technology at Northeastern University, “Video Captioning: Establishing High Standards with Limited Resources” by Shirley Cho, Academic Resources and Operations Specialist in the Center for Teaching Excellence at Boston College“Stumbling Toward Perfection: Using YouTube to Caption Library Produced Videos”  by Jeremy Smith, Digital Project Manager at UMass Amherst“Making the Most of Campus-Wide Instructional Video Support”  by Holly Mockovak, Head of Music Library at Boston University and “An Accessibility Makeover” by Kate Silfen, Health Sciences Librarian at Boston University
After lunch, vendors took the floor presenting each of their "Service Approaches: Platforms and Products". Jeff Rubenstein, VP of Global Product Strategy at Kaltura presented on “Video Accessibility and Automation”. Director of Marketing at 3PlayMedia, Lily Bond discussed “Why Accessible Video is Better Video”. Bryan Gould, Director of Accessible Learning and Assessment Technologies and Geoff Freed, Director of Technology Projects and Web Media Standards at WGBH, discussed their work “WGBH’s NCAM 45+ Years of Media Accessibility”. 
During the final presentation, "Streaming Media Content Providers: Accessibility Approaches, Features and Services", Shannon Spurlock, Sales Director at Kanopy, Doug Mingle, Sales Director at Infobase, Peter Ciuffetti, VP of Product Development at Alexander Street Press and Mike Eyler, Account Executive at Swank Motion Pictures discussed the past, present and future of streaming media accessibility. 

All presentation slides and video recordings are archived in the "Member Events" section of the BLC website.

The BLC would like to thank all of the speakers and vendors who volunteered their expertise and to all those "behind the scenes" who made this event a success.

Please contact Executive Director Susan Stearns or Program Coordinator Jessica Hardin if you have any questions or suggestions for future professional development events.