Introduction to Digital Humanities Expanding Knowledge Webinar

On September 27, 2017, the BLC hosted the first webinar of the Expanding Knowledge Webinar Series, "Introduction to Digital Humanities" with guest speakers, with Boston College's Head of Digital Scholarship Sarah Melton and Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian Anna Kijas.

To begin the webinar, Sarah and Anna invited the audience to offer a definition of digital humanities from their own perspectives. Anna and Sarah then explained the what and why of digital humanities use in modern libraries. They provided several examples of successful digital humanities projects from various institutions, both outside and within the BLC, to illustrate the variety of ways library staff can utilize digital humanities. Sarah and Anna concluded their presentation by providing many options for further resources and training opportunities for library staff interested in pursuing digital humanities. Links to these projects and resources are available in Sarah and Anna's slide deck. A full recording of the webinar can be found here.


The Boston Library Consortium wishes to thank Sarah and Anna for sharing their knowledge on this exciting topic. If you have ideas for the Consortium to consider for future events on this or related topics, please contact Mei Mendez.

Please visit the Member Events page to register for upcoming Expanding Knowledge Webinars or access the archives for recordings of previous events.