Introduction to Resource Sharing-ILL Expanding Knowledge Webinar

On December 13, 2017, the BLC hosted an "Introduction to Resource Sharing-ILL" Webinar, a part of the BLC's Expanding Knowledge Webinar Series with Dzintra Lacis, Brandeis University's Resource Sharing Librarian and Angie Batson, the Resource Sharing Specialist at Wellesley College.

The webinar presented an introductory view of resource sharing and ILL to the non-practitioner and provided insight into its relevance and application in participants' daily work in their library. Topics included ILLiad, lending and borrowing, research services, the EAST project, unmediated ILL technology, the future of resource sharing, and the upcoming transfer to Tipasa. Angie and Dzintra concluded their presentation by providing several links for further information and resources on ILL.

These links are viewable in their slide deck and the full recording of the webinar is available here.

The Boston Library Consortium wishes to thank Angie and Dzintra for sharing their knowledge on this exciting topic. If you have ideas for the Consortium to consider for future events on this or related topics, please send to the BLC's Program Coordinator, Jessica Hardin.

Please visit the Member Events page to register for upcoming Expanding Knowledge Webinars or access the archives for recordings of previous events.