Open Call for Membership: BLC Human Resources Community of Practice

The BLC is pleased to announce an open call for a new Boston Library Consortium Human Resources Community of Practice. The BLC Human Resources Community of Practice (BLC HR COP) will develop and execute project-based initiatives to create change in HR policy, practice, and procedures by providing a structured and open space for:

  • Encouraging and supporting open discussion on HR matters, discussing best practices, sharing common challenges, and collectively brainstorming solutions for member libraries.
  • Developing and executing project-based initiatives that creates real and actual change in HR policy, practice, and procedures at member libraries.  Examples include, DEI initiatives, joint BLC staff development trainings, sharing recruitment best practices, and leading cross-library efforts in personnel management best practices.
  • Examining and addressing items as requested from the BLC Management Council.
  • Creating networking opportunities for HR leadership and professionals across member libraries.

Membership is open to any BLC member that has a role in leading, managing, or processing Human Resources services for their participating library.

Subgroups will form as necessary to achieve the charge. Governance of the BLC HR COP is by a Chair and incoming Chair-elect. The incoming Chair-elect is self-nominated and voted on by the membership when applicable.  Terms of service begin on July 1st and continue for two years; the first year as incoming Chair-elect and second as Chair. The group will meet virtually at least once each quarter, supplemented by regular electronic communications.  In-person meetings are conducted as necessary, with no more than one per fiscal year.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Complete a minimum of one project per year that accomplishes real and actual change in HR policy, practice, and procedures at member libraries.
  •  End of FY Annual Report to the BLC Board of Directors outlining the past year’s activities and projects, and plans for the upcoming year.
  • Communicate objectives and achievements to the larger BLC community.

If you are interested in joining the BLC HR COP, please complete the form below on or before October 1, 2021. Membership will be confirmed in October and the group’s first meeting will take place in November/December 2021.

Questions? Please reach out to Khara Leon at