BLC's Strategic Implementation Plan

If you're reading this, you're probably aware of BLC's Strategic Action Plan, which outlines an ambitious path to advance five strategic priorities through 19 strategic initiatives over the next two years. See the full list of strategic initiatives here.

Now, it is time to put the plan into action. BLC's Strategic Implementation Plan details how Board and committee leadership, membership communities, implementation teams, and consortial staff will identify and complete specific activities in the next two years to advance the strategic priorities identified in BLC's Strategic Action Plan. Read the full plan below, or download a copy here.

Implementation teams are being established for each of BLC's 19 strategic initiatives. To learn more or get involved, please reach out to

5 Strategic Priorities + 19 Strategic Initiatives = Lots of Ways to Get Involved!

If you're looking for a way to deepen your engagement with BLC and work strategically with like-minded library professionals, consider joining an implementation team to advance one of the 19 strategic initiatives described below. 

Ensure long-term success by articulating sustainable organizational strategies

Strengthen internal communication strategies 
Clarify pathways for communication to promote inclusive and transparent decision-making related to consortial initiatives among all library staff at BLC member institutions

Determine BLC membership goals
Establish a strategy for managing growth in BLC’s membership

Assess and communicate BLC value
Demonstrate BLC’s value and impact through open and accessible reporting across quantitative and qualitative metrics

Develop Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy            
Empower a steering committee to identify an EDI strategy and long-term goals to advance consortial EDI efforts at scale

Establish infrastructure to support and empower BLC’s membership Communities
Strengthen capacity and sustainability of leadership of BLC’s membership Communities through regular meetings, professional development opportunities, and dedicated resources for the co-chairs

Create BLC strategic staffing plan                
Assess BLC staffing needs to align with new strategic priorities to provide capacity to execute, support, and sustain consortial activities

Maximize access to library collections using innovative and cost-effective mechanisms to share print and digital content

Investigate consortial approaches to expand interlibrary loan of e-books    
Produce guidance about interlibrary loan processes, licensing negotiations, and system configurations to facilitate interlibrary lending and borrowing of whole e-books

Enhance resource sharing systems                        
Cultivate strategic partnerships with the library and information community to provide optimal service to library users at BLC member institutions and contribute to the development of interoperable resource sharing systems and standards

Grow BLC’s resource sharing network                        
Broker no-fee reciprocal interlibrary loan agreements with other consortia

Advance collection development, management, and assessment projects that leverage the diverse strengths of our member institutions

Curate diverse collections                                    
Create collection development and digitization recommendations that prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) goals and values

Develop model licensing language for electronic resources            
Author strong statements to promote core library tenets (e.g. accessibility, resource sharing, consortial access) for use in BLC-led negotiations and, where appropriate, by BLC member institutions

Host e-books summit                                
Design and offer an e-books summit to develop and articulate a vision for consortial e-book programs

Articulate BLC group subscription strategy                    
Seek new agreements and partnerships with resource vendors and resource providers that address the diverse needs of member institutions

Facilitate a vibrant exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources to build organizational capacity, collaboration, and leadership skills

Refine mechanisms for BLC Communities to share information, data, and documentation                                    
Develop an internal hub for sharing consortial and institutional policies, procedures, and resources to inform and support the work of BLC Communities

Develop BLC onboarding program for staff at member institutions
Provide tools to orient newly hired staff at member institutions to BLC’s organizational structure, programs and initiatives, and opportunities for professional service

Implement BLC mentorship program 
Design and pilot a mentorship program that builds networks of leaders and promotes the sharing and exchange of expertise and knowledge

Explore pipeline program development in partnership with Library and Information Science programs    
Investigate the feasibility of a pipeline program coupled with distinctive professional development opportunities to recruit diverse library professionals into careers at BLC’s member institutions

Position BLC to serve as a catalyst and central resource to lead, research, assess, and manage shared systems and services 

Establish a shared integrated library system
Configure a shared integrated library system (ILS) for an initial cohort of member institutions to facilitate cooperative collection management, consortial acquisitions, streamlined resource sharing, and shared analytics

Incubate innovative shared systems and services that build capacity across member institutions
Encourage the exploration, assessment, and development of new shared systems and services that leverage the collective power, influence, and resources of BLC’s member institution


Does one of these initiatives resonate with you? Reach out to BLC's Executive Assistant and Membership Coordinator, Amahl McHenry ( to learn more or join an implementation team.

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