E-Book ILL

Lending e-books through interlibrary loan is an evolving practice with multiple approaches for sharing e-resources. 

BLC’s E-Book Sharing Working Group has developed a set of E-Book ILL Roadmaps to outline these different approaches and promote broader adoption of the practice. 

E-Book Roadmaps-1

Download E-Book ILL Roadmaps

Some features of the roadmaps include:

  • A comparison of varying approaches to e-book ILL, including the distinction between the practice and controlled digital lending (CDL)
  • An overview of e-book ILL in the broader resource sharing landscape
  • Borrowing and lending roadmaps, which outline step-by-step considerations for implementing the practice at your library
  • An overview of the work to be undertaken for e-book ILL to be a more sustainable and adoptable practice


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