The primary work of the Boston Library Consortium [BLC] is done through its membership communities.  These communities include representation from across the BLC member libraries and range from groups focused primarily on networking and sharing experiences with colleagues to those that are involved in a specific initiative or project.  There are currently three types of communities within the BLC:

  • Heads of Resource Management Committee - This is the only standing committee within the BLC, appointed by the Board.
  • Communities of Interest [COI's] - These are the primary forums for collaboration and are typically organized around a common practice area or current issue in academic and research libraries.  COI's can be formed by interested groups within the BLC upon approval by the Board.  Any BLC member librarian interested in initiating a new COI should contact the Executive Director. Some COI's are exclusively birds of a feather networking groups that meet annually at the BLC Networking Day.  Others are more actively involved in projects and may spin off a working group or sub-group to initiate a task or provide analysis or input to the larger COI.
  • Working Groups - Working Groups are typically formed either at the direction of the Board or grow out of an initiative within a Community of Interest or the Heads of Resource Management.  Working Groups are usually given a specific charge and asked to provide regular updates to the Board or their parent COI.

The Heads of Resource Management Committee as well as any active Working Groups are assigned a liaison from the Board of Directors who is meant to work with the group to ensure progress against the charge and provide communication to and from the Board as needed. 

If you are interested in joining an existing community, please contact the Convener listed on the Communities website page or send an e-mail to the Executive Director. If you are interested in forming a new Community of Interest, please send an e-mail to the Executive Director.