BLC Board of Directors

The Boston Library Consortium is a 501(c)(3) corporation governed by a Board of Directors including representation from the chief librarian of each member institutions' principal library. 

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Jenifer Bartle
Director of Library Collections 
Wellesley College

Christina Bleyer
College Librarian, AVP of Libraries and Digiral Learning, and Director of Special Collections and Archives 
Trinity College

Dan Cohen
Vice Provost for Information Collaboration and Dean of Libraries 
Northeastern University

Stacy DeBole
State Librarian 
State Library of Massachusetts

Allison Estell
Dean of the University Library 
University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Matthew Gardzina
Vice President for Information Services and College Librarian 
Connecticut College

Bryn Geffert
Dean of Libraries 
University of Vermont

Nancy Godleski
Dean of Library Services 
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Hope Houston
Executive Director of the Library 
Bentley University

Alicia Hansen
Director, Harrison Libraries 
University of Hartford

Anne Langley
Dean of Libraries 
University of Connecticut

Peter Larsen
Interim Dean of University Libraries 
University of Rhode Island

David Leonard
Boston Public Library

Nandita Mani
Dean of Libraries
University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Dorothy Meaney
Director, Tisch Library 
Tufts University

Jonathan Miller
Director of Libraries 
Williams College

Mark Newton
University Librarian
Boston University

Mary Piorun
Director of Library Services 
University of Massachusetts - Chan Medical

Mike Roy
Dean of the Library 
Middlebury College

Matthew Sheehy
Brandeis National Committee University Librarian 
Brandeis University

Kimberly Sweetman
Interim Dean of the University Library 
University of New Hampshire

Stephanie Walker
Dean of University Libraries 
University of Massachusetts - Boston

Tom Wall
University Librarian 
Boston College

Andrew White
Caleb T. Winchester University Librarian 
Wesleyan University

Charlie Barlow
Executive Director 
Boston Library Consortium (ex officio)

FY25 Board Committees

The Board of Directors maintains three committees: the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Governance Committee. The Board also maintains a Conflict of Interest Policy.

Executive Committee

Bryn Geffert, President
Mark Newton, Vice President/President-Elect
Mary Piorun, Past President
Hope Houston, Treasurer
Jenifer Bartle, Chair, Governance Committee
Mike Roy, Member-at-Large
Scott Britton, Member-at-Large

Finance Committee

Hope Houston, Treasurer
Christina Bleyer, Member
Stephanie Walker, Member
Matt Halperin, External Member

Governance Committee

Jenifer Bartle, Chair
Nancy Godleski, Member
Stacy DeBole, Member
Allison Estell, Member