BLC's Inaugural Annual Report Highlights a Year of Collective Impact

The team at the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) is excited to unveil BLC’s annual report for the fiscal year 2022-23. This is BLC’s inaugural annual report, which is a significant step toward BLC’s member-driven aspiration to assess and communicate BLC's value to both our members and the wider library community.

Within Empowering Libraries: 2022-23 BLC Annual Report, we invite you to discover the many ways in which BLC positioned its members to advance professionally, engage in collaborative consortial work, and maximize access to collections and resources. The accomplishments and experiences detailed in this report offer a snapshot of the collective impact driven by a vibrant community of library leaders and professionals committed to BLC’s mission to share knowledge, infrastructure, and resources at scale. 

“BLC’s accomplishments are a testament to the collective strength of our diverse network of member institutions,” said Charlie Barlow, BLC’s Executive Director. “We’re stronger for your engagement in our programs, your leadership and service to our membership Communities, and your commitment to champion innovation through collaboration.”

We are proud of the work represented in this report and look forward to sharing BLC’s continued successes on an annual basis. We welcome your feedback and input regarding this report and its future iterations; please email Cate Harriman with any comments.


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