Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Steering Committee

Community Charge

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Steering Committee will articulate an EDI strategy and long-term goals to advance consortial EDI efforts at scale. 


Conduct a comprehensive survey of current EDI practices at BLC institutions to establish baseline metrics and set targets for improvement
Identify long-term goals to advance consortial EDI efforts at scale
Celebrate and promote the contributions and leadership of diverse workers in BLC member libraries.

Our Values

Communication: Demonstrated by showing respect to individuals when discussing differing opinions. Collaboration and compromise are hard work and time-consuming. Many of us may be pushed outside of our comfort zone. We will always remain respectful to one another.

Inclusive Engagement: Demonstrated through the recognition that everyone has a role in community discussion, governance, decision-making, and action. Meaningful participation opportunities will be provided by intentionally reducing barriers, creating and nurturing connections, and engaging in supportive and collaborative opportunities to foster shared growth.

Trust: Demonstrated through cultivating an environment in which confidentiality and honesty are expected and honored.

Respect: Demonstrated through the sensitive expression of views and opinions and active listening to other perspectives.


Michael Brown
Boston Public Library

Sonia Pacheco
UMass Dartmouth


Membership of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion steering committee will reflect the diversity of BLC member institutions, including public and private universities, liberal arts colleges, state libraries, special libraries, and public libraries, as well as the diversity of BLC members. The Committee Co-Chairs invite nominations and expressions of interest to assemble a group of up to ten members.


The Committee meets bi-weekly and as needed via Zoom and in-person.


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