Heads of Resource Management

Standing Committee

Committee Charge

The Heads of Resource Management (HRM) Committee defines and articulates a vision for a BLC collective collection, provides oversight of existing shared/collaborative collection development initiatives, exercises leadership in proposing new joint projects related to collection development, management, and assessment that leverage the diverse strengths of the member libraries, and makes recommendations to the BLC Board of Directors to enhance resource management services among the member libraries, including advocacy for the evolving collections landscape around issues of accessibility, open access, shared print, diverse collections, etc. The HRM Committee undertakes initiatives on its own, in cooperation with other BLC Communities, or at the request of the BLC Board of Directors.

Reporting to the BLC Board of Directors
The HRM Committee will provide an annual report to the BLC Board of Directors. One member of the BLC Board of Directors will serve as board liaison to the HRM Committee.


Nathan Mealey
Wesleyan University

Alexis Scanzani
Brandeis University


Members of the HRM Committee are appointed by the BLC Board of Directors based on their expertise and their role as ‘head’ of resource management within their institution. In accordance with the BLC’s bylaws and membership requirements, all member libraries are expected to have a representative on all Committees and each representative is expected to gather input on behalf of all relevant divisions, branches, autonomous libraries, etc., and speak for their institution. The BLC Executive Director will be an ex-officio member of the Committee.

The HRM Committee has two co-chairs selected by the collective membership who serve staggered, two-year terms, with the transition of chairs occurring in July. If one of the co-chairs becomes vacant three months or more before the end of their term, the remaining co-chair will seek volunteers to fill the remainder of the term.


The HRM Committee meets every two months and additionally as needed. The co-chairs of the HRM Committee will meet jointly with the co-chairs of the Heads of Resource Sharing (HRS) Committee and co-chairs of the Associate University Librarians (AUL) Community of Practice (CoP) twice per year to set shared direction for the three groups, identify areas of overlap and collaboration, and to map out joint projects. The co-chairs will report back to the full HRM Committee after each meeting. The co-chairs will collectively engage with the Management Council following joint meetings.


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