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In 2020, the BLC Board of Directors endorsed the merging of the Chemistry and Engineering Communities of Interest to form the Science and Engineering COI.

The Science and Engineering COI provides a forum for librarians to discuss issues related to their work in science and engineering disciplines and to implement best practices. Members of the COI focus on services and collections related to science and engineering, and may do so from the viewpoint of collections, resource management, research and instruction support, or any other area deemed appropriate by the membership.

The Science and Engineering COI will continue the maintenance of the BLC Collaborative Archiving of Science Abstracts and Indexes Memorandum of Understanding (March 1, 2019 - December 31, 2034) and its associated Addendum for the collaborative management of the print format of archival science indexes and abstracts, previously led by the Chemistry COI.

The Chemistry COI and Engineering COI collaborated to host Science Librarianship in the Time of COVID-19: A Virtual Half-Day Conference in 2020.


Rebecca Reznik-Zellen
Science and Engineering Library
UMass Amhest

Lauren Molvai
Ref and Instruction Librarian
UMass Boston


Membership is open to any librarian with an interest in science and engineering. The Science and Engineering COI also anticipates outreach into the wider New England Science and Engineering Librarianship community to cultivate new relationships and collaborative opportunities.


The Science and Engineering COI meets twice per year, and coordinates at least one event with professional development and/or social utility.

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