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The Web Archiving COI serves as a space for members to share information, collaborate, ask questions, and learn from each other about issues related to web archiving in libraries and the broader GLAM community.

Web archiving may include online resources that fall within the purview of an institution's collection development policy and/or internal resources and documentation that is deemed to be worth preserving and stewarding.

Specific areas of focus for this COI include: 

  • Serve as a forum for learning about web archiving activities, tools, and technologies at BLC member institutions;
  • Identify opportunities for mutual/collaborative web archiving;
  • Organize workshops or other training opportunities;
  • Document web archiving activities across BLC member institutions. 


Bee Lehman
Boston College

Anna Kijas
Tufts University


The Web Archiving COI is open to BLC members with an interest in web archiving as it relates to their job and organization, as well as members who would like to learn more about this topic.


The Web Archiving COI meets at least four times per year, including a meeting at the BLC Forum.

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